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Backlit sign board in bangalore

Sign Boards have been used as an advertisement tool to communicate to the customers effectively about the identity and brand value of a company, and Backlit Sign Board is one such kind of signages used by many shops and hotels to drive traffic to their business.

SignageDesk offers a wide range of Backlit Sign Board designs to suit all your requirements regarding your illuminated displays. The boards can be installed either inside the shop or company or outside of the office and come in many sizes including A4, A3 and A2 etc. SignageDesk is one of the most popular Backlit signage manufacturer in Bangalore and can help you get a lot of customers with its eye-catching Backlit glow sign board.

The installation process is very easy as we provide you with all the cables and plug and all you need to do is plug them to have your LED backlit sign board illuminating your names in an eye-catching display. We take ultimate care to make sure that the light boxes display your logos/company names in an impeccable manner.

SignageDesk has installed Backlit Sign Board at various places including exhibitions, trade shows, stadiums, airports, railway stations, restaurants, malls and cinema halls. The reason Backlit Sign Board are a huge hit among business owners as they combine both text and images to highlight your message in the most elegant way than other sign board displays.

Contact us now with your requirements and we’ll ensure that your company’s visibility is increased to a larger extent throughout the day to attract busy shoppers and passers-by with our Backlit glow sign board.


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