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Ceramic steel writing boards are becoming popular nowadays, as they find larger use in schools, colleges and other training centres, as they are far more superior to other writing boards. The reason is that they are guaranteed against fading, resistant to scratches and stains.

These Ceramic Steel Writing board is much stronger highly durable and provides a smoother writing experience for a long time and hence enabling teachers and professors to impart high quality educational experience to students.

One can use semi-permanent markers, chalks, or pen to write on these boards and the surface remains as smooth as ever for a long time. The durability of these writing boards has pushed itself as the default choice for many to be used as interactive whiteboards in classroom and training seminars.

SignageDesk provides many varieties of writing boards as you can choose either board with a high or low gloss or many kinds of projection surfaces so that it blends with your environment well and glare is also avoided.

Usage of Ceramic steel writing boards can provide you with the following advantages?

  • The surface is clean and safe and doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals
  • The surface is super smooth for a greater writing experience
  • All our boards are designed to resist against all kinds of scratches, harmful chemicals and bacteria etc.,
  • Our Ceramic steel writing boards provide greater visibility with a greater color contrast
  • Also, the boards are colored using a special technology called colorfast, so that the colors of the board won’t fade easily


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