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Information Display Board are used in a lot of ways as presentation and display boards in trade shows, schools and colleges, hotels, educational fairs, libraries, restaurants and industries. These Information display boards are most sought after because they are easy to maintain and controlling the messages is easy from a computer and also requires less manual intervention and can run for long periods.

SignageDesk is a reputed led display board manufacturers specialized in producing information boards that are energy efficient big screen display screen that can last for a long time. Also, these boards designed specifically to have resistance against dust, as the information won’t be clearly seen if dust is formed over the display glasses.

You can either opt for a vertical or a horizontal information display board in all sizes. We offer a wide range of display board designs for you to choose from and all the boards are capable of producing some of the best bright lights, not possible with other kinds of signage displays. Since these boards are huge in size, they can be seen from a distance.

The information display board are being used in a lot of applications like:

  • To display daily gold and silver rates in showrooms
  • In shopping centres and malls
  • As display boards in hospitals and airports
  • In schools and colleges
  • In Banks
  • Led systems are also used in traffic signals

Being one of the leading led display board manufacturers, SignageDesk provides all kinds of display boards as they are mostly preferred by many because of their high visibility, attractive designs, excellent finish and can withstand all conditions.


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