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LED Edge Lit Signs provides you with a stunning way of advertising your businesses as they are noticeable even from a distance and pose a striking feature at night with its gorgeous illuminated display.

LED Edge Lit Signs are preferred by many business owners because it is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising and can be easily assembled in acrylic panels and LED strips. At SignageDesk we know exactly how to place the letters on the acrylic panel and mount the panel in the right position so that the light is properly on the edges of the LED.

SignageDesk has been specialized in making these LED strips for a long time and has over 100-200 installations under its belt. You can chose from a single colored or a multi-coloured LED strips and the best part about these LED edge lit signs are that the letters are only highlighted in inside the sign board creates a visual appeal as though the letters are floating in the air.

SignageDesk uses some of the best piranha LED’s available in the market to create stunning, bright Led displays that can be seen even during the daytime.

At SignageDesk we can create any kind of signs for use in business, residential areas, pubs, hotels or trade shows and can be created in any kind of shape and size. Also, text can be added in all kinds of styles using different fonts. All our LED Edge Lit signs can be installed on any wooden base or can be mounted on the wall directly to provide a more stunning and elegant look.


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