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The reason LED Moving signs are becoming more popular advertising choices is because it provides a stunning display of light that catches a lot of eyeballs. LED is a new technology where light is produced in a most efficient and brilliant manner as the light is dispersed in all directions and provides a stunning display.

Another aspect that makes them the most opted choice for advertising is the reason that they stand out brilliantly at night with its amazing illumination and is even visible through the day to some extent, which other sign boards cannot boast of. Hence, you can be rest assured that when you install an LED scrolling sign, it will for sure attract all the attention of people passing by and delivers the message it is supposed to do.

SignageDesk led message display board can have a lifetime of around 1,00,000 hours, which is longer than other neon or fluorescent sign boards. Along with a longer lifetime, they also don’t emit any gas and hence don’t dim over a period of time and provide the same kind of brightness throughout the lifetime.

LED’s are known for its energy efficient properties as they consume less power but produces far brighter displays than any other kind of sign boards and banners. LED scrolling signs are largely used in airports, bus stations, railway stations, restaurants, as product display in malls, theatres and banks.

Most of the LED scrolling signs installed by us can be programmed to hold up to 99 messages and can show more than 100 characters per message and installation is simple and it is also safe to touch and clean the scrolling signs.


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