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SignageDesk is one of the leading Perforated Display Boards manufacturers and has installed the boards in all kinds of industries including hotels, schools and colleges, IT companies, govt. offices, hospitals and many corporate companies.

The Perforated Display Boards are used by companies to convey messages to their staffs and employees using plastic alphabets stuck to board in different colors like white, Red or any other colors of their choice.

SignageDesk can also produce custom perforated display boards as per the specific requirements of the client, and we can assure you that only top quality materials are used in making these display boards.

These Perforated Display Boards are mostly used in black color in most of the companies either as menu boards to display the menu available in hotels or as display boards to convey messages to all the staffs or as welcome boards to welcome people coming to an event etc.

Installation is simple, as you need to fix the display boards using the brackets which will be provided along with the perforated display boards on the wall.

The plastic letters are available in multiple colors and sizes including 12mm, 18mm, 24mm and 36mm. the letters are also available in both Hindi and English. The Perforated Display boards is also available from small boards to big display boards. Giving a silver colored framing can give a more professional look along with a matt finish in the black surface of the board.

SignageDesk provide Perforated Display boards at competitive prices…


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