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Pylon Signs are big concrete structure that attracts almost all kinds of eyeballs passing through it, thereby bringing in a lot of customers to your business through its increased visibility and attraction. Especially in highways, these huge Pylon signage design can help travellers locate hotels, gas stations and shopping plazas from a distance. It is of some opinion that, the larger the pylon signs and attractive the more the customers it can bring in.

SignageDesk is one of the leading Pylon Signs maker in Bangalore and has worked on various projects across all kinds of industries including hotels, petrol bunks, malls and retail showrooms. These pylon signs can be made from small, medium of large scale huge free standing structures that are made up of aluminium and steel and can be illuminated using LED lights or illuminated lamps and serves as a great advertising tool for your business all through the day.

You can avail Pylon signage design as either single sided or double sided designs and also custom colors can be used to match your office environment. Since most of these designs are placed out in the open, SignageDesk uses premium materials so that it doesn’t get affected by UV radiations and withstands all kinds of weather conditions. Some of the popular designs provided to many clients include Pylon signage design made with high-resolution graphics bordered with neon lighting and LED displays.

SignageDesk can also modify your existing pylon signs into a completely newer look design as per your requirements.


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