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SignageDesk is one of the most reputed companies known to produce and supply a wide range of Scroller and Portable Demo tents. These demo tents are a powerful tool of advertising as you can set up these tents anywhere you need as they are portable and start marketing your business products directly with the customers.

Lot of companies and business are using these Scroller and Portable Demo tents for displaying their products along the roadsides, in parks, malls to have a direct link with the customers as you can have direct access to them.

SignageDesk has been in the business of producing these portable tents for a long time, that we kind of produce each and every tent in a unique design to attract the attention of the customers at once. Lots of promotional campaigns, new scheme releases and new product releases are done are done under these portable demo tents, as you can explain to the customers directly about the product and also make sales or create sales opportunities right away.

These Scroller & Portable Demo Tents are very easy to carry along with you and takes less time to install and also easy to fold after you finish with the campaign. It also comes in various sizes including 6x6x7, 5x5x7, 4x4x7, 3x3x7 banner sizes.

These Scroller & Portable Demo Tents are largely used in educational fairs, trade shows, job fairs, hotels and many places where businesses set up these tents to display their products and to promote their businesses.


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