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Titanium is a special metal as it is naturally resistant to rust and hence preferred for all sign boards in areas that are exposed to salt water. Beach resorts, toilets, car wash areas and other areas susceptible to rust from salt water prefer titanium letters for their sign boards.

And that’s not all why titanium is preferred by many as it is mostly maintenance free when compared to stainless steel and are extremely stunning looking when used in sign boards with proper lighting.

Titanium has been known to be used in the jewellery business for a long time as it is pretty much light in weight and has a beautiful finish and shine and also doesn’t react when compared to other metals. It can handle all kinds of temperature and is non-magnetic and resistant to rust and corrosion.

SignageDesk provides all kinds of Titanium letter signs, including 3D titanium brass letters to our privileged clients. Also, all raw materials used in the making of Titanium letters are premium quality materials and are sourced only from trusted buyers and dealers.

All titanium letters are created using the advanced laser cutting machinery and each and every letter is carefully handcrafted to provide that perfect quality by master fabricators in SignageDesk.

Titanium letter signs provide a truly unique finish to your business and please call us to specify your requirements for installing titanium letters at your place.


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